Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still alive

Well, we are still alive! This has been the busiest year of our lives ever!! So I'll hurry and write a quick catch up on what's been going on.
So I'll start with Rick.... he's going to school full time and he's working part time. He's in some hard classes this semester including math, english, speech, and a geography class. It's his hardest semester yet, but he's plugging through. Work is going good for him, they've been having him do a lot of projects and stuff, and keeping him busy. So, if he wasn't busy with all of that, he's been doing so much on the side. First of all, we got a side-by-side this year, it's called a Hisun. They built some hand controls for Rick on it, so he's been driving it all over the place. It's so fun to go out on a ride up the mountain and all over the place!
Rick loves working on his parent's farm and did it pretty much every night before his accident. So, he's been thinking of ways that he can help on the farm now. So earlier this year, we loaded him up in the skidsteer and he hauled manueer all day several times. He loved it and had so much fun! Then a month ago, he decided that he wanted to cut hay. So... he cut hay!
This picture is of how we got rick into the swather.
It was up really high, so we loaded him in the bucket
and put the bucket right next to the door of the
swather, then he slid over into the seat of the
swather, it actually worked out great!! He had such a great time! Another thing that me and Rick love is Halloween!!! We go all out at our house and love to go to parties, and this year with our neighbor we actually hosted a halloween party. So we had to have an awesome picture for Rick. So... we made him an awesome costume!!
We had so much fun, and it was an awesome costume!! I was just a "farmer girl", not too creative but hopefully I think of something better next year. So Rick's been having a great year, doing so many new things, and I couldn't be prouder of him!!
Well, as for me, life is crazy!! I graduated from the LPN program in April, and passed my boards. Then I got accepted into the RN program through Weber State and started that in August. School this year is a lot different than last year. I mostly just do clinicals and hand on experience, and I have school once a week, and homework the rest of the time. In September I started a job giving flu shots. I worked for an immunization clinic, and scheduled myself to work in Wal-Mart about 20 hours a week. It was a great job because I could do my homework and watch all the crazy people that go to wal-mart. I just got done with that last week, but it was good experience. I'll graduate with my RN in April, and hopefully get a full time job somewhere great! I love being a nurse, and I can't wait to be done with school! When I'm not at school, or work, or doing homework, or doing a clinical, I'm helping Rick with some adventure he wants to do that day. So like I said, we've been busy!!
Clear back in March we went to vegas, and had a blast!
This summer me and Rick got in our bikes and rode from Joseph up to Big Rock Candy Mountain and then back to our house in Monroe which came to a total of 22 miles!! It was so fun, towards the end I wondered if I was going to make it home, but we did it!!
Well hopefully I can update this more often than once a year, but that's all I can think of right now!

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's been a while....

Okay so I just logged onto my blog and realized that I haven't wrote on here since before we started school. That feels like it was 5 years ago! So it's time for a quick update. I'll start with Rick because I find him more interesting :). Rick has been doing awesome with everything! He goes to school monday-friday and also works monday, wednesday and friday. He is doing so good at both. His history class is hard, but he'll get through it and be happy to have it done. I've had to leave for clinicals and 5 in the morning, so Rick gets up and gets in the truck and goes to school and does pretty much everything by himself. After Rick had his accident and we were home trying to figure out how to get our lives back, I never imagined that he would be this independent and that we could both be going to school and work and living pretty regular lives. When I got accepted into the nursing program, I had no idea how it would work when I had to go to clinicals all day and he had school and work, but everything fell into place, and it's working out great! Rick is amazing! He's getting really anxious for warm weather so that he can get his bike out and start going on long bike rides and getting good exercise.

Well the nursing program has been crazy, amazing, fun, and stressful all at the sime time, sometimes in the same minute! The first semester we were in the classrooom all day everyday learning about being a nurse. We had so many tests and assignments I had no idea how I'd make it through. But I did, and looking back it was so fun finally learning about nursing and not doing stupid prereqs anymore. I am so lucky that I met a group of people that instantly became my best friends and we got each other through that semester. They are now my clinical group and we go everywhere together. Clinicals started in January and so far I have been to Beaver hospital, Sevier hospital (in Richfield) and I'm currently going to the hospital in Payson. I am so lucky that I have found something that I absolutely love to do!!! Even on the crappiest clinical day, with mean nurses, crazy patients, not getting paid for long hours, etc. , I still come home loving every minute of it. Poor Rick has to hear an account of every minute of my day, but it's just because I 'm so excited I have to tell someone! I have done and seen things that I never thought I would (at least at clinicals) and I love everytime I get to have my own patient and I am their NURSE!!! I just sent in my RN application to Weber state, so wish me luck!! I can't believe I graduate with my LPN the end of April. It's so close! So basically, I can't wait till I can actually work as a nurse, and I really think I found my calling in life.

We still have our foster daughter Ruby. She stays busy as well with work, and going to the gym ,and shopping and bowling and all sorts of stuff. We're lucky she has such great people that work with her and take her to do all these fun things. Me and Rick's 4 year anniversary is next week! We're going to Vegas again because we had so much fun last year. Our two little puppies are still around and I still love them and they still drive Rick crazy :).

So there's an update on the Werry's! We're doing good, and having new adventures like always!

Friday, October 29, 2010

wow... it's been a long time!

Hi everyone!!! So I'm sorry that I haven't wrote forever, for the two people that read this blog. :) Our lives have been so so crazy!! Rick has been doing awesome with school and work. He has done a few presentations for work and he has to do another one in November in front of the whole company which is like 300 people! He is doing so good in school and is just kickin butt in everything. The nursing program has been going on for a couple months now, and it's CRAZY! I love it, and it's so fun to learn all this stuff.... but some days, wow! It will be great to be a nurse one day and be done with school! The great thing is, is that there is tons of great people that I love to be with in the program with me and it's fun to learn and do the stuff that I've always wanted to do. I pretty much have time to do nothing else, and poor rick and ruby get cereal and mac and cheese for dinner quite often, but it will all pay off in the end. Ruby is doing great, working and playing, and just getting use to living in our small little town of Monroe. Our two dogs are great! Maci pees all the time when she gets excited, still working on that, so if anyone has helpful hints on that it would be great. Something about nursing school has made me want to change my apperance. So lately I've cut all my hair off and as of last week I colored it all dark brown. I guess it's my way to be in control of something! But it's a fun change! Well that's all for now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

School... eek

Well I had orientation today for the nursing program.... I can't believe it's that time! Where did our summer go? School starts for me and Rick on wednesday. Pretty scary, but if we don't do it we'll never have a career or degree... so school is a must! So wish me and Rick luck...I think we'll need it! Oh and by the way... I'm starting up a little cake business... so if anyone would like birthday or holiday or anytime cakes, give me a chance!!! Oh and we got a new little puppy! She's a chiweenie and her name is Maci! We love her!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy summer!

Well we've been crazy busy, but we've been having tons of fun! A couple months ago I wrote that we had a girl living with us, well she's back and she is now our foster daughter. Her name is Ruby, she is 27, and she has mental disabilities. It's pretty entertaining to see people's faces when I introduce a 27 year old hispanic girl as my foster daughter! I think it's a really good thing for us and for her. It's just another new adventure in our life. We're going to finish our basement and have a little apartment thing down there for her to have her own space. She's way excited! In June we had Rick's grandpa's funeral, it was up in Idaho. It was really interesting to learn about Rick's grandpa and meet alot of his extended family. All of his siblings and families were there, and I know that it's a funeral so it's not suppose to be fun, but being there with everyone and spending good family time was way fun! Then the beginning of this week we went up to salt lake for my family renuion. All my brothers and their families were there, and it was so fun! We all just hung out, went to the Bees game, played games and just enjoyed being together! (Not to mention eat delicious (not so healthy) food) The end of this month me and Rick are going to go to Colorado for a Rockies game. We love going to baseball games... so fun! And then a little up date on everything else.... I got into the nursing program.. yay yay yay!! It starts Aug 25. I'm so excited to be done with pre reqs but way nervous to actually start the program. But I'm way excited to start learning everything and actually start to be a nurse. I've been dreaming of it for so long, it will be nice to actually do it! Rick's going to be going to school full time and working. He's going to be crazy busy! I'm so proud of him! It's going to be so weird to have seperate lives from each other this semester. Last semester I took him to school, and stayed with him because I was his note taker, then brought him home and everything. But this time he'll drive himself, have a different note taker, and I'll see him when we both get home for the night. It's going to be crazy, and I'm sure I'll be nervous for the first little while till we get our routine down and I can trust that he'll be okay. But we both need to enjoy the rest of the summer before all that insanity begins. Rick loves driving his truck, and is getting way comfortable doing it. So overall, we're doing great and having adventures like always!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

rick's truck

Well a couple weeks ago Rick got his truck back!! finally!! he's been driving all over and he loves it. It's so fun to have him drive me around!! The other night we went on a date together and Rick drove. We got to the restaurant and I got out of the truck and helped him out, then when we were both out and ready Rick said, "okay now you have to get back in the truck so I can open the door for you." Oh man he is so cute!! So I jumped back in, and he wheeled around and opened the door for me. I wouldn't classify Rick as a romantic... but he sure can put those giddy butterflys in my stomach.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So we've been home from our vacation for a while now but I haven't put any pictures or anything up. We went to tons of fun shows and saw lots of cool things and just had fun. I already want to go on another vacation!!